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A cpn number is a 9 digit number that, can be used in lieu of your social security number for credit reporting. This is a 100% legal and ethical way of obtaining new credit. Today only I'm going to give you access to our Unlimited CPN Program. Which can be used to make unlimited FREE, scanned and ready to use CPN Numbers in just a few minutes.

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What can a CPN do for you?

CPN Number, Credit Profile Number, Credit Privacy Number.

What is a CPN?

A CPN number is a 9 digit number you can use in lieu of your social security number for credit reporting purposes only. This process has been around since the early 70’s and isn’t going anywhere.

What is it good for?

With CPN Numbers you can obtain: Auto loans, credit cards, personal loans, business loans, rent an apartment, or buy a house. You cannot use a CPN for filing taxes or background checks, strictly credit!

Is this even legal?

CPN Numbers are 100% legal. The FBI and Cornell law both agree. And law states that banks can not deny you credit if you do not wish to provide your SSN. Your SSN was designed for taxes, banks know this.

What does it cost?

CPN Numbers are 100% free. The only other cost you will have after the program is if you decide to buy trade-lines or authorized users which are a great way to get high dollar value loans and cards fast.

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“When I came across CPNguru.com I was at a very trying moment in my life, I was trying to start a business but, my credit was shot. Immediately after starting the CPN Program, that all changed. I now have a 736 Credit score on my CPN and enough credit cards to sustain my new business while we take off. THANK YOU CPNguru.com, you guys ROCK!”

Ahmed Alvi


“Our credit has been more then terrible for a few years. Eric wanted to expand his web design business but, we had little capital. While looking for options to fix our credit we came across CPNguru. This program really works. Within a few months we have amassed over $240,000 in unsecured credit on our CPN numbers. Thank you SO MUCH.”

Eric & Kim Miller

Web Designer | Stay @ Home Mom

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“CPNguru.com is great, their CPN program is amazing. Not only have I built my own CPN number but, made money while helping others. I have clients using these CPN numbers who are gaining incredible amounts of credit. One customer in specific has cleared the $500k mark and his brother is almost there also. Would definitely recommend”

Jonathan Ortega

Credit Repair Expert


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