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Buying a car with a cpn number

A lot of clients have requested this information. They email us day and night and all ask the same thing. How can I buy a car using my new CPN number? I have heard this that etc? And most do not know where to start. If you follow along closely by the end of this short article you should be an expert in purchasing vehicles with your CPN number the right and legal way. First you will need to understand a few things. CPN numbers are designed to be used for credit reporting purposes exclusively. So you cannot register your new vehicle using a CPN number. You will need to use your Social Security Number. You may be asking so where does my CPN number fit into all of this? Simple you will be using your CPN for your Auto Loan and your SSN to register and insure your car.

Here is what you will need to do.First you will need to find a legitimate dealer that knows how to use CPN numbers for auto purchases. This is simple, most big franchise brands just rather not deal with CPN numbers because a lot of people have used them to defraud these dealers out of millions of dollars. So, you will need to find a smaller mom and pop type dealership that offers bank financing, not in house financing. Call them and ask to speak with their finance department. Ask them plainly do you accept CPN numbers for vehicle purchases? Once you find the dealership gather the following documents before visiting them. Drivers license, alternative form of ID such as a Passport or Passport card. Pay stubs, and proof of residence with your CPN access. You can do a quick google search for pay stub providers. They normally cost around $40 they may also be able to help you with the proof of residence for around the same price.

Make sure you have at least 10% down payment if you have not added trade-lines to your CPN number. Also make sure to wait at least 10 business days from making your CPN number before applying for a loan. This will give your public record enough time time be properly published. It will also show a break in the inquiries which is good. Because if your report is full of the no one will lend to you. If you have added trade lines follow the same process. The only difference if you will be able to get a more attractive APR rate and a flexible down payment. And banks will ask for less verification since there is already history on your report. for more information on trade-lines visit:

As a side note, find a car you can afford to pay on monthly. Because using a CPN number and defaulting on loans is asking for trouble. Go to the dealership with everything in hand, pick out your car get your paperwork done and you are good to go. Please remember all dealerships have their own policies in place. Call ahead and let them know your intentions instead of just showing up and trying to pass your CPN by as a SSN. If you don’t already have a CPN number, enter your email below to get access to our CPN program. This program will help you generate your own CPN number in under 15 minutes and will include 3 bonus offers. One being a $30,000 Auto loan application which most of our customers are approved for. Enter your email below to get started!