CPN Apartment Rental

How to get approved for an apartment using your CPN number.


If you need to rent an apartment but, have bad credit or past evictions this is the website you have been looking for. In the next few minutes you will be learning exactly what you need to do in order to rent an apartment using a CPN number. This is information has all been tested by thousands of people in the US.

First you will need to understand few things associated with the rental of an apartment using your new CPN number. A CPN number is designed exclusively for credit reporting purposes. That being said if your main issue is background check this program will NOT help you. A background check is done using many more search points then a credit check. They go as far sometimes as manually looking at mugshots if your name or DOB match a known convicted criminal. So, that being said don’t waste your time.

If you have been evicted before you are good to go. As most companies will only look through public records if you have bad credit. Or a history of late payments on your credit report. But, since your CPN number will be clean you are good to go. You can apply as normal using the instructions below.

First you want to find a apartment complex that has vacancies. If there is no vacancies don’t bother applying for waiting lists. Your CPN number or trade-lines may change over time and when they pull a new report prior to your move in and it may not be the same since you will most likely be applying for other things using your new CPN number.

Find a rental you can afford. As with everything else you purchase with a CPN number. You do not want to find yourself in eviction court using your CPN. Especially if you have prior evictions on your social. Make sure the complex accepts CPN numbers. Some may not, and they can choose to do that independently. So make sure you call and ask before you waste your time taking the drive.

Gather the following documents before you go to the rental office.

Alternate id. Such as US Passport or Passport card.
Pay stubs. If you need help with your pay-stubs do a quick google search. Most vendors charge $40
Bank statements and application fee.

When you arrive at the complex talk to whoever you talked to on the phone. Fill out your paperwork and wait for your move in date, it’s pretty simple. If you want to get a luxury rental or a lower deposit amount we suggest you use a rental trade-line. A link to one is included in the CPN program. This will put 2 years of rental history on your cpn report for as little as $149.99 which will drastically increase your scores.

If you don’t already have a CPN number, enter your email below to get access to our CPN program. This program will help you generate your own CPN number in under 15 minutes and will include 3 bonus offers. One being a $30,000 Auto loan application which most of our customers are approved for. And 2 store cards. One for electronics including computers and appliances and another for jewellery.


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